My Poem Up At Literary Mama!

I am so excited my poem “The Baby Suddenly Falls” is published in the latest issue of Literary Mama. This poem was submitted over fourteen months ago, and it was almost a year ago that I was informed that it was accepted and that it would be published in September issue 2007.  After a year, I thought? It was a first for me. So here is what my experience with this submission taught me: a) Always keep track of your submissions. When they will be published, the email of the editor who contacted you. b) Check on your poem, and revise your bio about a month before its publication date. c) Contact the editor. Offer her a revised bio. Chances are that after a year the publications you will want to include in your bio will be very different from the ones at the time of submission.  A lot happens in a year. I, for instance, decided to use a different name under all my publications. d) The chances are that after a year, you will have also become a better writer. So, you’ll probably see your poem and cringe. Correct any obvious mistakes you find; editors are people too, working too many…

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Short Story

My Short Story “St. George” Accepted in Mortar Magazine!

This month has been great for my writing. My short story “Night Dancing” has been accepted by Flash Fiction Magazine and will be featured on the 4th of October. Another of my short stories “Another Night Out” will be published in issue 10.1 of Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, a journal of the International Flash Fiction Association (IFFA) published by the University of Chester, UK.

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