Short Stories:

“A Life Worth Living”, Betty Fedora, Issue 4, Autumn 2017 [print]

“Another Night Out”, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Issue 10.1, Autumn 2017 [print]

“Night Dancing”, Flash Fiction Magazine, October 2017 [online]


Short Stories:

St. George“, Mortar, Issue 1, Summer 2017 [online]

Personal Essays:

Reach Out. Share.” The Huffington Post, 27/7/2017 [online]

Reach Out. Share“, The Wild Word, Issue 18, July 2017 [online]

On Being Clean“, Huffington Post, 12/7/2017 [online]

On Being Clean“, The Wild Word, Issue 17, June 2017 [online]

What Makes Us Happy“, The Wild Word, Issue 16, June 2017 [online]

On Country And Shared Blood“, The Wild Word, Issue 15, May 2017 [online]