Is Blogging So Cheap And Easy?

Before I even started I read many articles on how easy it is to blog. I mean, there are a lot of posts out there dealing exclusively with blogging. And every domain and web hosting provider has its own step-by-step guide to help you make it. But is it as easy and cheap as they claim?

Blogging can be free, they all say that. What they also stress though, is that free blogs don’t look professional enough or that they require a tremendous amount of time with only elemental results. In other words, the purpose of free themes is for you to see their limitations and buy their premium editions.

I chose WordPress for my blog and not Blogger because of all the reviews that claim that WordPress has hundreds of free themes and that you can maintain a blog without being a computer wizard.

But is it as easy as they say?

So far, I have changed my theme three times. Every theme comes with certain features, and where some excel others lack. I installed the first theme only to realize that it didn’t have many fonts. The letters were either too small, or they had to be heading-bold. And I want others to be able to read my blog, right?

My second theme has many fonts, but that’s all it has. It is text-friendly but I am not sure there is a place to put photographs on unless I buy a page builder.

So, I am already on to my third theme with both a header image and intelligible fonts. I am still struggling, but it has potential.

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Thoughts On Starting A New Blog

People start their own personal blog for various reasons. Some need a medium to express themselves. Others in an effort to make money. There is a third category—in which I belong, too—where a website is considered a necessity.
I write for pleasure and mostly poetry, but several editors consider it imperative to have an online presence, a place where all your work can be easily found. Sometimes, upon submitting you’re even asked to provide your webpage and your social network links. This blog will solve these issues and it will also serve as a diary where I share my thoughts on writing in a second language. More on that later!

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