My Poem Up At Literary Mama!

I am so excited my poem “The Baby Suddenly Falls” is published in the latest issue of Literary Mama. This poem was submitted over fourteen months ago, and it was almost a year ago that I was informed that it was accepted and that it would be published in September issue 2007.  After a year, I thought? It was a first for me. So here is what my experience with this submission taught me:

a) Always keep track of your submissions. When they will be published, the email of the editor who contacted you.

b) Check on your poem, and revise your bio about a month before its publication date.

c) Contact the editor. Offer her a revised bio. Chances are that after a year the publications you will want to include in your bio will be very different from the ones at the time of submission.  A lot happens in a year. I, for instance, decided to use a different name under all my publications.

d) The chances are that after a year, you will have also become a better writer. So, you’ll probably see your poem and cringe. Correct any obvious mistakes you find; editors are people too, working too many hours in front of a PC. It’s your name that is written below your piece.

e) Thank the publication. Spread the word.

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