Short Stories:

A Life Worth Living“, Betty Fedora, Issue 4, Autumn 2017 [print]

Another Night Out“, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Issue 10.1, Autumn 2017 [print]

Night Dancing“, Flash Fiction Magazine, 4th October 2017 [online]

St. George“, Mortar, Issue 1, Summer 2017 [online]

Personal Essays:

Girls’ Halloween Costumes: Treat or Trick?“, The Wild Word, Issue 43, October 2019 [online]

Married Sex: Why Do We Settle for Less?“, The Wild Word, Issue 42, September 2019, [Online}

Let’s Stop Internalizing Motherhood Bias“, The Wild Word, Issue 36, February 2019, [online], and “Stop Believing What You Think About Working Mothers,” 4 March 2019 [online]

Christmas: A Horror Story“, The Wild Word, Issue 34, December 2018, [online] and “How To Overwhelm A Mother At Christmas“, Medium, December 17 [online]

How to Talk to Our Kids about Children Refugees“, The Wild Word, Issue 33, November 2018, [online] and “How to Talk to Our Kids about Children Refugees“, Medium, November 4, [online]

Family Values or Wrong Expectations?“, The Wild Word, Issue 32, September 2018, [online] and “Why You Should Talk About Equality Before You Say ‘I Do‘?, Medium. October 4, [online]

Why Men Obsess About Women’s Free Time“, Medium, September 6, [online] and “Men’s Obsession with Women’s Free Time“, The Wild Word [online]

Raising Sons Not Angry At Women“, The Wild Word, Issue 29, June 2018, [online] and “A Letter to My Son to Set Things Straight,” Medium, July 14, [online]

One Little Dream On Top Of Another“, The Wild Word, Issue 28, May 2018, [online]

One Woman At A Time“, The Wild Word, Issue 27, April 2018 [online]

What To Do When Brad Pitt Doesn’t Love You“, The Wild Word, Issue 26, March 2018 [online]

Where Has All The Love Gone?“, The Wild Word, Issue 25, February 2018 [online]

Reboot By Booking A Flight“, The Wild Word, Issue 24, January 2018 [online]

Old Age And Single Women“,  The Wild Word, Issue 23, December 2017 [online]

5 Ways You Are Undermining Your Child’s Future“, Huffington Post, 28/11/2017 [online]

How We Undermine Our Children’s Future“, The Wild Word, Issue 22, November 2017 [online]

How I Laid My Demons To Rest“, The Wild Word, Issue 21, October 2017 [online]

Losing Myself In Motherhood“, The Wild Word, Issue 20, September 2017 [online]

How My Mother Saved Summer“, Huffington Post, 30/8/2017 [online]

Beach Days And Bored Children“, The Wild Word, Issue 19, August 2017 [online]

Reach Out. Share.” The Huffington Post, 27/7/2017 [online]

Reach Out. Share“, The Wild Word, Issue 18, July 2017 [online]

Why Women Need To Focus On What Really Matters“, Huffington Post, 12/7/2017 [online]

On Being Clean“, The Wild Word, Issue 17, June 2017 [online]

What Makes Us Happy“, The Wild Word, Issue 16, June 2017 [online]

On Country And Shared Blood“, The Wild Word, Issue 15, May 2017 [online]



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